Only 4 days left to see the Lille exhibition, Splendid, friends like Pig!

The exhibition at the Palais Rihour in Lille, Le Splendid, buddies as a pig is extended until Sunday 16 October. CineComedies

The triumphal retrospective at the Palais Rihour devoted to the troupe that created The Bronzed and Santa Clause is garbage will close its doors on Sunday, October 9.

Cultivably yours! Zézette wife X…, I needed something to take out the trash…, On a misunderstanding, it can work…, these replicas of the Splendid troupe now belong by right to the history of the great French comedy born with Molière. Since September 10, under the leadership of the organizers of the CineComedies Festival, an exhibition titled as it should be Le Splendid, friends like Pig, was held at the Palais Rihour in Lille. But this beautiful tribute dedicated to those nostalgic for the corrosive humor of Josiane Balasko and others, will unfortunately drop its curtain on Sunday, October 9. The organizers, faced with its success, therefore invite aficionados of the Splendid to come and have fun in the northern capital this weekend, promising all the same in veiled terms that the exhibition could perhaps become itinerant…

Le Splendid, friends like Pig is an authentic return to what made the comic genius of the troupe born in 1974 in a small café-théâtre which was then performing at 10 rue des Lombards. Along the aisles, the visitor can discover rare documents and exceptional objects such as costumes and filming accessories, unpublished photos, French and international posters. Cinema without image is nothing and to awaken the memories of the troupe’s fans an interactive terminal broadcasts INA archives (interviews and period documentaries).

The actor Bruno Moynot alias the indescribable Monsieur Preskovic, king of “hand-rolled doubitchous under the armpitsand kingpin of the troupe in its early days, played a major role in holding the exhibition. On Saturday, October 1, he came, accompanied by the director Jean-Marie Poiré and his sidekick and lifelong friend Gérard Jugnot, to visit his beautiful work. Together, they laughed and enjoyed the pleasure they read in the eyes of the other visitors present. Faced with the painting offered by Thierry Lhermitte alias Pierre Mortez to Anémone alias the nice Thérèse, in a way the highlight of this exhibition, they understood why this filthy crust now deserves to be admired: it will henceforth remain the symbol of their laughter carefree and communicative.

Exposure Le Splendid, friends like Pigat least until October 9, free admission to the Palais Rihour Lille: opening hours every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., last visit at 5.30 p.m.

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