One hundred years of Yves Montand: memories of his romance with Marilyn Monroe reappear

Carole Amiel, the widow of the actor, who disappeared on November 9, 1991, leaves The force of fate (La Martinière), a book in which she reveals words of love exchanged between the Hollywood icon and the French seducer during the filming of Billionaire.

This forbidden love is part of the story of the film The billionaire by George Cukor. During the shooting, Marilyn Monroe and Yves Montand lived a brief passion which made people talk from Paris to Los Angeles. The two lovebirds were married and not with just anyone: the writer Arthur Miller had married in just marriage with the Hollywood icon, while Simone Signoret, considered one of the greatest French actresses, was married with Yves Montand since 1951.

Today, Wednesday October 13, date of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Yves Montand, this affair long hidden by the two lovers, but known to everyone, reappears because Carole Amiel the last wife of Yves Montand, and mother of her son Valentin, has just published a souvenir book full of photos, The Force of Destiny (La Martinière), in which she unearths drawings and sweet words exchanged by the two lovers during the few weeks that their story lasted at the beginning of 1960.

Carole Amiel had found these messages when she moved with Yves Montand from her old apartment located at 15 place Dauphine in Paris. Of all this idyll forgiven by Simone Signoret, who did not hesitate to declare to clear all remorse Yves Montand, the man she loved: “Do you know a lot of men who would remain insensitive while having Marilyn in their arms?», There are only vestiges of drawings and words left. The great actress died of cancer on September 30, 1985. Yves Montand, died six years later. He insisted on resting at his side in the Père-Lachaise cemetery.

The billionaire (Let’s make love ) by George Cukor in 1960, with Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand …


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