One billion riyals of industrial investments in the last quarter

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources revealed the issuance of 208 new industrial licenses during the fourth quarter of 2021, according to the bulletin on industrial licenses, which provides a comprehensive perspective that reflects the reality of the sector, and clarifies the performance of existing, producing and under construction factories, as well as growth indicators for new industrial licenses, jobs and their comparison with the same quarter of last year.

The ministry added, in a statement, that the factories that started production during the fourth quarter of 2021 numbered 231 with an investment volume of 4.62 billion riyals, while the volume of investment in new licenses amounted to 5.56 billion riyals. The bulletin indicated that the number of factories producing and under construction until the end of the fourth quarter of 2021 amounted to 10.29 thousand factories, with a capital estimated at 1.33 trillion riyals, led by factories working in the manufacture of non-ferrous metal products, then factories for rubber and plastic products, and factories for formed metal products.

The bulletin revealed that national factories top the producing and under construction factories by type of investment by more than 85%, followed by foreign factories by 8%, then joint investment factories by 7.9%. The Riyadh region occupied the largest proportion of the total number of factories with about 4,128 factories, followed by the Eastern Province with 2,248 factories, and then the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region with 1948 factories.

The number of factories with foreign investment in the Kingdom reached 782; With nearly 8% of the total factories, while the percentage of factories with joint investments (national / foreign) exceeded 7%, with 751 factories out of the total number of factories, according to the bulletin. The bulletin indicated that small establishments represent the largest percentage of the total factories, which amounted to 5101 facilities, followed by medium facilities with 4361 facilities, and then large facilities, which recorded 831 of the total factories producing and under construction.


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