On her birthday, Abla Kamel tops the social media sites

The latest appearance of the Egyptian artist, Abla Kamel, caused her name to be at the fore in search engines and conversations on social media, which coincided with her birthday celebration, today, September 17.

Abla Kamel appears in the rare photo, wearing a black abaya and veil, the outfit that her audience used to watch, as she appeared in her latest drama series “Silsal Al-Dam”.

Many users of “Social Media” interacted with the rare appearance of Abla Kamel, especially since she has been absent from the limelight for years.

Abla Kamel’s last artwork was the TV series “Silsal Al-Dam”, co-starring Riad El-Khouly, Ola Ghanem, Menna Fadali, Randa El-Behairy and Amira Hani.

Abla Kamel had been chased by a rumor that she had contracted cancer three years ago, but the Egyptian artist Ahmed Kamal denied her, at the time, this news, and confirmed that “the artist Abla Kamel is in good health, and what was rumored about her health condition is a lie, deception and a desire to achieve cheap gains, at the expense of A great artist.”

Abla Kamel is one of the most prominent actresses of the eighties and nineties of the last century, and is characterized by spontaneous and spontaneous performance, which earned her the love of millions of people. The late Nour Sharif.


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