Olive green is the highlight of the interior decoration

Interiors experts from Westwing, a German company, indicated that three colors will dominate interior decoration trends during the current autumn season, as summer colors such as royal blue and lemon yellow give way to olive green, caramel and cinnamon colors to spread during the fall season, and the German company confirmed that the new interior decoration colors Very elegant, inspired by nature.

Olive green

German experts emphasized the return of the warm olive green color to the world of interiors, where the walls can be painted in this color to give the room a Mediterranean feel, and to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in the home, and instead of that can be added touches of olive green on the furnishings and interiors in the house .


The German company explained that the caramel color prevailing during the fall season is a very elegant and elegant shade that combines brown and yellow with a touch of pink, and through the use of some caramel color decorations, the simple interior design turns into a more family atmosphere, and the caramel color can be coordinated with the color tones. White, cream and neutral beige, and red and dark blue accessories can be used, in addition to which the caramel color can be combined with natural materials such as wood.


Cinnamon is one of the warm shades of autumn, and this mixture of red and brown creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere in the home.


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