Ohoud: Vision 2030 removed obstacles for women

When Ohood Abu Sabeen began working at the Jeddah Islamic Port terminal, she was accompanied by a slight fear that this place would not be qualified internally for the participation of a female component in the work team. Without paying any attention to the small concerns in herself.

Ohoud discovered, after a period of work in Jeddah Islamic Port, that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 had preceded her to these concerns, and paved the way for her and removed all obstacles in the way of Saudi women’s professional development. Ohoud joined the Planning Department after the approval of the Red Sea Gateway Station Company, and then it was time What separates her from her new appointment is just a simple matter. In a short period of time, she became the plant’s planning director, where her passion emerged for the vital and continuous work that puts the employee in the face of daily challenges without interruption.

High efficiency

Ohood Abu Sabeen demonstrated unprecedented efficiency in planning management, and faced new situations of its kind in the professional life of women in the Kingdom, as she carried out a series of field visits to yards and docks, and also adopted the rise of ships and negotiated with ship captains of several nationalities, while she was forced during her work in planning The yards and ships, until they board the ships and discuss the plans for stowage and stacking the containers with the ship captains and take their final approvals before adopting the planning.

Overcoming fears

Ohoud became fully aware of the details of the work, and overcame all the fears that she later found out to be misplaced. Through training, practice, and the confidence of the company’s management in her competence and continuous support, she was able to reach her initial ambitions in a short time. At first, today I am the director of planning, but tomorrow I hope that this station will be the first station in the Kingdom led by an empowered female cadre, and I make sure that the women around me get all the opportunities they deserve.”

Because of what the vision has achieved in the path of empowering women, women’s professional development has become self-evident and expected, as the Kingdom’s vision believes that women are an active partner in the development and prosperity of the country’s future. Consequently, government and private agencies, including the Red Sea Gateway Development Company, have worked to invest in the energies of Ohoud and her colleagues, She obtained two diplomas and external training in international ports, to convey the global experience with its best procedures and practices.

determination and success

Ohood Abu Sabeen’s work requires audacity to succeed and a determination to break tradition, and achieve maximum ambitions without hesitation. Aspire to it is worth the resistance and sacrifices.

The vows of Abu Sabeen

Appointed as Customs Documentation Assistant.

Since her appointment, she has been looking forward to a career in the planning department.

I joined the Planning Department after the approval of the Red Sea Gateway Station Company.

In a short time, she became the station’s planning director.


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