Obliging tour operators to insure tourists against risks

The regulation of tour operators who have licenses obligated tourists to have an insurance policy against all dangers .. The regulation stipulated that it is not permissible to practice transportation services, rent cars for tourism purposes, accommodation services, accommodation, tourist accommodation, entertainment, programs and guidance without obtaining licenses from the ministry ..

It also requires licenses for insurance services for travel with licensed insurance companies, after obtaining the approval of the competent authorities, services for tourist destination management, brokerage work with approved insurance companies, and arranging services for visiting events, exhibitions and conferences. The regulation obliged the licensee to abide by the decision of the Council of Ministers, which includes obligating establishments, activities with high risks, and places crowded with the public with cooperative insurance. The regulations also obligated the tour operator to cover tourists and travelers with a valid insurance policy, for the duration of the license, and for a month after its expiration, against all risks and damages that may result from the trip. The Kingdom announced the opening of tourist visas to citizens of 49 countries recently, and launched a wide range of events and festivals to attract tourists from abroad, amid aspirations that the sector would contribute 10% of the GDP.

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