Obligating heirs to pay 90,000 riyals recently to their resident stepmother

A widow of Arab nationality claimed in the General Court of the Eastern Province against her husband’s heirs and demanded that they pay her dowry amount of 90,000 riyals, and the ruling was passed to oblige the heirs of the deceased to pay the said amount, based on the foregoing witnesses and evidence.

Case details

The details of the case go back to the fact that an expatriate wife filed a lawsuit with the court through an agent claiming that she married a Saudi man in her country, and then bore him children, according to the plaintiff’s agent, and wrote to her a dowry amounting to 90,000 riyals, and after his death the heirs demanded that, but they denied their knowledge of the marriage The father or the presence of children with him from another wife, and the wife’s representative presents the marriage deed and a document proving that the deceased wrote her a dowry, and witnesses to that.

The plaintiff’s attorney confirmed that his client had agreed with her husband, and an argument had been issued to that effect, and he demanded that his client’s right to this delay be proven.

the other side

The argument issued for this was presented to the defendants and they answered that they did not know anything about it, did not agree to give the wife what she asked for, and did not accept what she claimed.

Swearing an oath to witnesses

When the plaintiff’s representative asked about her evidence, he replied by saying, “I have the argument that proves this with witnesses, except that the witnesses reside in the wife’s country, outside Saudi Arabia. After completing the oath from the witnesses, the oath was issued, and this was documented and sent to the General Court of the Eastern Province, and the wife’s oath was requested.

definitive acquired judgment

After taking the oath of the wife and witnesses and presenting it to the heirs of the deceased, the defendants replied by saying, as long as she brought the evidence, and swore to God according to what was mentioned, we agree to that, and what she asks is in her custody, and we have no objection to taking this amount from the inheritance of our inheritance, and the judgment was delivered to deliver The plaintiff’s agent, the full amount from the estate of the deceased, and after the delivery was made, the judgment became final and enforceable.

A woman of Arab nationality demands the heirs of her husband for the back of the 90,000 dowry

The lady’s marriage took place in her country and she gave birth to children from Saudi Arabia

The plaintiff’s attorney demanded that the man’s heirs pay the arrears based on the marriage document

The argument of the lady’s daughters was proven by the oath of witnesses residing in her country

Documenting the oath and adopting it

Take the wife’s oath on it

The consent of the heirs to pay the delayed dowry after the lady brought the evidence and swore to do so


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