«Nuro» the first driverless delivery vehicle

A robotics startup in California has won the first approval of its kind for driverless car ordering.

Nuro, which has been testing its cars in the state since 2017, has said it can now begin routine deliveries of food, beverages, medicines and other products, according to Bloomberg.

“The issuance of the first permit is an important milestone in the development of driverless vehicles in California,” commented the Director of the State Automobile Administration, Steve Gordon, adding, “We will continue to maintain the safety of the public in the field of self-driving cars as this technology develops.”

“Noro” provides its services using Toyota Prius cars, as well as a company car called “R2”, to jump to the forefront of the race for companies seeking to use autonomous technology in daily routine business operations. General Motors’ unit, known as “Waymo”, has acquired », And the unit« Zoox »of the« Amazon »to approve the tests in California, and all seek to enter into commercial operations in the new technology.

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