Novelist.. the latest permissive professions

“I lived through the events” .. “My grandfather tells us” .. These are the most prominent reasons and reasons that may motivate some to follow your account on social media, especially if you are armed with a number of terms and words that refer to yourself, as a writer and novelist.

The novel is a “talent” before it is a “profession,” but what happened during the past few days is distressing, adding to the dozens of tragedies that plagued many professions that were hacked and violated.

With the end of the events and proceedings of the series “Rashash”, which tells the story of a wanted man in the eighties, novel fatwas abound calling for amending the script and dialogue of the series, in order to add more excitement to the course of the drama and attract the attention of the followers.

In this regard, Dr. Ali Al-Hamoud, a faculty member at Al-Imam University, stated that the historical novel “its characters and events from history, and provides a new reading according to the writer’s vision.”

He added that the historical novel should be viewed as an independent historical artistic work, and it cannot be relied on in reading real history, an accurate scientific reading, because it is a literary text.

On the novel of the series “Rashash”, “Al-Hamoud” explained that it is a reading of different points of view according to the angle of vision, as each narrator has his own angle through which he looks.


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