Nope, One Piece: Red, Laal Singh Chaddha… Movies to watch or avoid this week

Daniel Kaluuya in Nope, Uta in One Piece: Red and Aamir Khan in Laal Singh Chaddha. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS/O/2022 OP/Paramount Pictures France

SF crossbred with a western, a music adaptation of a manga phenomenon, a Bollywood remake of Forrest Gump… What should we see this week? Discover the cinema selection of Figaro.

Boop – Have

Science fiction film by Jordan Peele, 2h10

In the Santa Clarita Valley, about fifty kilometers from Los Angeles, OJ tries to keep alive the ranch inherited from his father, a horse trainer for cinema and television, who died mysteriously six months earlier. OJ never believed in the hypothesis of objects falling from an airplane. This cloud that the wind does not chase hides something. The blockbuster hides a beautiful praise of the cinematograph. Jordan Peele seems nostalgic for obsolete technologies: film and analog. Only a mechanical camera, with crank and reels, is able to film the UFO. Technically and philosophically. Cinema makes reality visible. It gives it a shape, a meaning. And staging is a matter of perspective. Peele, an African-American filmmaker, claims this look. The final shot, beautiful and silent, thus has the value of a manifesto. ES

Dodo – Have

Drama by Panos H. Koutras, 2h12

The day before a bourgeois wedding, a strange bird takes refuge in the property of the parents. The animal, a mythical dodo exterminated by the Dutch three hundred years ago, soon serves as a catalyst for the whole household. All the characters drop the mask, while the director tackles the issue of migrants, sexuality or politics. Its fantastic plot blasts expectations and does much for the baroque charm of this unsettling comedy. OD

Laal Singh Chaddha- You can see

Comedy-drama by Advait Chandan, 2:39 (released August 11)

Did the seventh art need a remake of Forrest Gump , a simple man whose passion for racing and kindness bring happiness around him? However, it would be cynical to remain insensitive to the charm of Laal Singh Chaddha, which is released in India and France this Thursday. Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan (Lagaan) captures the character of Candide immortalized by Tom Hanks. Here Forrest is called Laal, a Sikh boy raised by his farmer mother in the India of the Seventies. If it follows the twists and turns of the original to the letter, this transposition breathes into it a “local flavor” which recounts, with lucidity and pedagogy, modern India and its community upheavals. Hindu nationalists, unhappy with past stances of Aamir Khan, who is Muslim, have called for a boycott of Laal Singh Chaddha. Reason enough to go to the theater to prove them wrong. CJ

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One Piece: Red- You can see

Animated film by Goro Taniguchi, 1h55

The mischievous Captain Luffy and his crew land between two adventures on the island of Elegia. This heavenly festival area is about to host the first concert of young pop prodigy Uta. The event opens with brilliance and strong colors in a climate of euphoria. But, behind the scenes, ambitious crooks are sharpening their weapons. Daughter of the legendary pirate Shanks le Roux, the diva could be worth a tidy sum if she were to be taken hostage. The story straightforwardly assumes its function of pure indulgence for connoisseurs and other aficionados of its fantastic and colorful universe. Forced not to overflow with a wave on the secrets of the manga, One Piece: Red relegates to an armada of flashbacks the attractive bait formed by Shanks le Roux, the Arlesian of the saga. The real treasure hunt is not on the big screen. CS


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