Nokia develops the first communications network on the moon

Nokia intends to develop the first mobile phone communication network that can be operated on the moon, as part of a project that the US Space Agency (NASA) is working on to establish a permanent human base, according to the Finnish group.

“Nokia” stated in a statement that this fourth-generation communication network will be “the first cellular communications network on the moon”, and will be characterized by “superior integration capacity, energy saving and ability to resist space conditions.”

End of 2022

The Finnish group indicated that it will deploy the network on the surface of the moon from the end of 2022, through the lunar lander, which is being developed by the American company, Intuitive Machines.

“NASA” confirmed to the French press that this project will lead to the establishment of the first cellular communication network on the moon, whose surface was last stepped on by humans in 1972.

The network, which will operate automatically with the descent on the moon, will provide in particular a wireless connection that covers “any activity carried out by the astronauts, allowing for mutual communication via voice and video, as well as remote measurement and exchange of biometric data, as well as the deployment and operation of robots.” According to the Finnish group.

Permanent base

The system will provide communications on the surface of the moon “for greater distances, at a higher speed, and in a more reliable method compared to current standards,” according to the US space agency in its statement.

Two American astronauts, including a woman, will set foot on the moon’s surface in 2024 as part of the “Artemis 3” mission, and NASA is seeking to establish a permanent base in the forefront of a possible mission towards Mars.


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