Nokia and the mystery of the Swedish birds

Let’s stay in the trees a little longer, if you don’t mind. A reader tells me that, wanting to build a piece of furniture of the same wood as his wardrobe, which seemed to him to be in beech, he went to show a sample to his carpenter. Which, taking the sample, had these words: “Beech or not beech, that is the question. ” I say hat. And precisely, about trees, and therefore forests (where trees grow, I remind the absent-minded), I heard a very beautiful story the other night, while watching Close call, which was happening in Sweden.

At the top of his tree …

A forest guide said that, ten years ago, when all Swedes had Nokia brand phones, the same ringing could be heard regularly in the forests, coming from the cellphones of the many walkers or mushroom pickers (I am sure you know this ringtone by heart, just hearing it is the little madeleine effect). Then a strange thing happened, reports this guide, who still can’t believe it: by dint of hearing this little (and heady) music, the birds began to repeat it. The whole forest, blackbirds, finches, chickadees, goldfinches, began to sing Nokia. Those days are of course over. One question remains: has anyone thought of recording these surreal concerts? I say it in a friendly way to the Swedes: broadcast today, they would fuck Abba’s mumblings …


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