Noha Nabil’s innocence of abusing her child

The Kuwaiti Misdemeanors Court acquitted the fascist, Noha Nabil, of the charge of abusing her child, which she faced after leaking videos documenting her abuse of her son.

The “Security and Courts” news account stated that Noha Nabil was acquitted of “violating the Child Law and abusing her child, because there were no obscene expressions in the video, after the pleading of Dr. Dari Mubarak Al-Wawan.”

And video clips were spread, through a leak from the surveillance camera in her home, in which the Kuwaiti fascistista appeared standing in front of her child, addressing him with words that were described as “inappropriate”, while a person who was said to have leaked the video appeared in the clip.

And the juvenile investigations in the State of Kuwait opened an investigation into the content of the leaked clips.

In response to the uproar caused by the leaked clips, the fascist Noha Nabil appeared in a picture she collected with her son, commenting: “Even if you walk straight, you will find someone who criticizes your tilted shadow.”

Recourse to court

Later, Noha Nabil said that she “will resort to the judiciary to obtain her right from the leakers of her abusive clip of her child,” stressing that “what happened is a violation of her privacy and the sanctity of her home.”

Noha Nabil shared her followers with a video clip through her account on the “Snapchat” application, and it was shared by many artistic accounts interested in celebrities, in which she said: “When the place communicates the sanctity of my home and my children and interferes with my privacy in the way that you have seen, I must respond.”

She added: “In a nutshell, all of you have seen the clips spread from inside my house of the security that I have at home, and which violates my privacy and the sanctity of the house.”

sanctity of home

And she added: “A married woman and a base in home clothes, with my family and around me, with my son and the two who are sitting. Such clips spread in the social media without shame and without respect for the privacy and sanctity of the house, and they all give fatwas and fabricate and all add words and spices.”

Noha Nabil stated: “God willing, in the coming days, legal measures will be taken through the lawyer’s office, Dr. Dari Al-Wawan, against everyone who published the clip and everyone who republished it.”

And she concluded her speech: “Imagine this video being delivered to Muhammad or the right of a quarter of Muhammad who I was thinking about. This child, when people walk, what would you say when he goes to school early, they will bully him. He knocks on me, says Mama, I go to the place like this, I say, I do not look out, I am afraid to hear a word that will hurt him.”


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