“No Chance I’ll Come Back”: Dwayne Johnson Says Stop Fast And Furious

The actor and ex-wrestler has not spoken to Vin Diesel since 2019. The latter had recently tried to convince “The Rock” to return to the franchise for a final episode. It’s no.

It is a firm no, and it seems final. Dwayne Johnson has put an end to speculation about his possible return in a final installment of the saga Fast and furious. From 2011 to 2019, Johnson appeared in five films in the franchise alongside Vin Diesel, but the two have not spoken to each other since. In November, the latter posted a message on his Instagram account in which he tried to reconcile with the interpreter of agent Luke Hobbs: “My little brother Dwayne, the time has come. The world is waiting for the finale of Fast and Furious 10. ”

The interpreter of Dominic Toretto also evoked the bond he kept with the family of Dwayne Johnson, as well as their relationship marked by the death of actor Paul Walker, in 2013. “I told you many years ago that I was going to keep my promise to Paul. I swore we would reach and do the best Fast for the final, which will be Fast and Furious 10. I say this for love, but you have to show yourself, don’t let the franchise stand still, you have a very important role to play. Hobbs cannot be played by any other. I hope you will rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny. “

A manipulator

The message has arrived at “The Rock”, who didn’t appreciate this very personal post at all, as he told CNN. “I told him last June, when we met face to face, that I will not join the adventure. It was a firm, albeit cordial decision, and I made it clear that I will support the cast and always love this franchise, wish it all the success it deserves, but there is no no chance of me coming back.

The ex wrestler goes even further and speaks of Vin Diesel as a “manipulator“. “I did not like that he mixed his children and the death of Paul Walker with that. Let him leave them out of this ” growls the actor. The saga Fast and furious should therefore end without Dwayne Johnson and his Hobbs character, with a final episode scheduled for 2023.


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