Nicolas Bedos: “Isabelle Adjani had a lot of fun”

“With MasqueradeI tell a story in a darker and more ferocious register”, explains the director. Magali Bragard

MAINTENANCE – The director of The good times and D’OSS 117Red alert in black Africa returns with a fourth film where he features a duo of scammers on the Côte d’Azur… Before delivering his first series soon to be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video with Jean Dujardin.

He leaves the Paris headquarters of Pathé with the idea of ​​having lunch. After having smoked a cigarette in front of the entrance of Mr. Georges (“I try to stop, but with the stress of the release of the film, it does not help”), Nicolas Bedos commands “a tartare without fries, with mineral water”. Beige leather jacket, frank smile and blue eyes, the director of Masquerade comes openly and without double-dealing.

LE FIGARO. – Where did the idea for the film come from?

Nicholas Bedos. – It starts from a visceral desire to see romantic films. It was first an unfinished novel where I told very dark episodes of this region, which I love and which disgusts me, the Riviera. These are also somewhat dark bits of my life, where I praise the Côte d’Azur with a Fitzgeraldian side. All of this ended up forming the fabric of this scenario.

She confessed to me that she had had difficult nights. But she had a lot of fun too.

Nicolas Bedos, on Isabelle Adjani

What motivated you this time?

After talking about the couple in Mr and Mrs Adelmanamorous passion in The good timesI wanted to talk about desire…

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