Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon achieves best French start of 2020 in China

The French adaptation of the adventures of the Japanese detective has moved to ninth position at the Chinese box office, registering 75,000 entries in its first week.

The French Nicky Larson seduces China. The French adaptation of the adventures of the Japanese detective managed to attract 36,500 spectators on its first day of release, December 11. With this result, she moved to ninth place in the Top 10 of the Chinese Box Office. At the end of its first week, the film Nicky larson and the perfume of Cupid directed by Philippe Lacheau recorded 75,000 admissions for 295,500 euros in box office receipts according to French Film . A result far from trivial.

The last feature film of the band at Fifi indeed achieves the best start of a French film on Chinese territory in 2020. At its side are four films released in China. In July, Mia and the white lion registered 6,200 admissions in one week. In September, Cold Blood Legacy – Blood Memory with Jean Reno totaled 6,600 spectators while In the fog attracted 12,700 in October. Arrived in the Middle Kingdom at the end of November, the film Dalida had only registered 1,818 admissions in its first week.

The five French films accumulate 220,000 admissions and 882,000 euros in revenue from their entire Chinese exhibition. Since 2004, this is the first time that French productions have not exceeded the threshold of one million admissions. In 2019, with eleven films, 1.13 million Chinese spectators were tempted by French cinema. Weak but logical results because of the health crisis which has led, in China as almost everywhere in the world, to the closing of theaters.

The good result of Nicky larson and the perfume of Cupid in China is not an isolated case. The Japanese character has aroused great interest in Asia, especially in Japan where he signs his best score with 133,000 admissions and a little over 1.5 million euros in revenue. Released on February 6, 2019 in France, the film got off to a strong start with 630,013 admissions in its first week of operation before ending with a total of 1,679,629 admissions. What make Philippe Lacheau and his band want to make a sequel?


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