New characters in the upcoming Genshin Impact update

While the game Genshin Impact surpassed its competitors from electronic games (Fortnite) and (PUBG) in terms of release revenues, the website “essentiallysports” revealed that the next update of the game (1.1) will begin on November 11, and many new characters will arrive with it.

4 new characters

Genshin Impact contains a wide range of characters with unique abilities, and “Gongli” is the first addition to this group, and he may be better than a typical defensive champion due to his powerful moves.

The next character, a Hydurelike fighter called (Child), shoots enemies with a bow, and also uses double knives and a pole made of water in battle attacks.

Players should note that both characters are five-star and available in “gacha”. So they might have to loosen up to own it.

They are followed by the fiery character (Xinyan) which is a unique character, as she can summon the shield of protection just by playing the guitar.

Plus (Diona) who will likely have Molotov cocktails to damage the opponent.

Genshin Impact

The game takes place in a mythical fantasy world called Teyvat. In this dimension, some individuals are endowed with a vision by clairvoyants, and visions are magic gems that give the bearer the power to control an element.

You start out as a traveler looking for a lost brother. It’s up to you if you want to be a female or male version of the main character.


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