Netflix puts Lebanese cinema in the spotlight in film collection

Netflix launched a collection of films on Monday dubbed Made in Lebanon to give “insight into the struggles, hopes and dreams of the Lebanese», At a time when the country has been going through a serious political and economic crisis for a year.

It is a selection of 19 films, including four by Maroun Baghdadi, the most international of Lebanese directors until his untimely death at 43 after the end of the civil war (1975-1990).

These are his most famous films, Out of life (which echoes the Western hostage crisis in Lebanon), Small wars, Whispers, We are all for the Fatherland and Beirut O Beirut. “This is the first time these restored films have been shown on a worldwide streaming service, 30 years after the last international broadcast on VHS.”Says Netflix.

Other directors are represented there, in particular those of the Franco-Lebanese Philippe Aractingi, with Bosta, Listen, Under the bombs and Inheritances, a mixture of fiction and autobiography in which the director tells his children about his experience of war, his exile, his return to his homeland.

Many films revolve around “events”, a euphemism used by the Lebanese to refer to the conflict which left 150,000 dead and thousands missing, but others do not deal strictly with the war, such as Lunch by Lucien Bourjeily.

The director, and also one of the voices of the anti-corruption revolt that erupted a year ago in Lebanon, tells the story of a family which has not gathered for two years and which meets for lunch in Easter, which an incident disturbs.

Netflix, which is digging into heritage cinema with films by Truffaut and Godard, “Highlights the richness of the country’s cultural heritage and the creativity of Lebanese talents“, According to the press release.

The films of the leading figures of the new Lebanese cinema, Nadine Labaki (Caramel, so where are we going now?, Capernaum) and Ziad Doueiri (West Beirut, The attack, Insult) are not in this collection.


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