Natural colors top 2021

Natural hues dominate the colors in the world of fashion and decor alike, to create an atmosphere of calm, psychological comfort and inner peace.

The designer and color science researcher, Axel Finn, explained that gray plays a big role this year in the world of fashion, as well as the world of furniture and decoration, in addition to the tones, which fall between linen, clay and sand.

The degree of “Greige” is very popular this year, and it is a mixture of gray and beige. This shade has a neutral feel and is an excellent basis for adding attractive color accents to a room.

Matt yellow furniture and decor, vibrant caramel shades and vibrant green tones are also popular in the world.

For her part, color expert Gabriella Kaiser indicated that monochrome looks are very popular in the fashion world, explaining that the upper half clothes are coordinated with the lower half of the body in the same color scheme, for example white with white or beige with beige.

Light gray with beige is also popular. For a more attractive look, you can choose green or bright yellow. These vibrant shades bring a vibrant character to the look.


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