National campaigns to encourage family planning

Al-Watan learned that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, represented by the Family Affairs Council, is in the process of using a house of expertise to implement a project aimed at studying the organization and launching of national awareness campaigns that encourage family planning.

What does family planning mean?

Family planning: It is the ability of individuals and spouses to anticipate and achieve the desired number of children, and the spacing of pregnancies and their timing, through the use of contraceptive methods, and it is a right of the spouses, which is consistent with their reproductive plan, to enjoy a happy life, and the World Health Organization recommends that spacing The best among loads is three years.

Benefits of family planning

Helping development and well-being in society.

A solution to meet the population challenges in terms of the demographic opportunity.

It enables the mother to regain her health after childbirth, and she can give enough time and opportunity to love and care for her husband and children.

Family planning includes other benefits for the health and safety of the child, as it reduces child morbidity and mortality.

Family planning methods

01. Traditional family planning methods:

Use of isolation methods, and natural methods, to identify the signs and symptoms of fertility during the menstrual cycle, in order to be able to plan or avoid pregnancy.

Use the calendar to determine your ovulation period

02. Modern family planning methods:

Long-term methods: They are means that prevent pregnancy for a long time, ranging from three months for injections, to five years for implants and ten years for an IUD.

Short-term methods: They are methods that prevent pregnancy as long as they are used regularly daily, such as the single-hormone pills, combined pills, and the menstrual method for breastfeeding, or before each time sexual intercourse takes place, such as condoms and vaginal suppositories.

Permanent means: such as the process of connecting tubes “tubes” for women, and it is suitable for spouses who do not want more children.


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