Naomie Harris AKA Moneypenny Sexually Assaulted In James Bond Audition

The British actress, who starred in the last three film missions of 007 the indispensable spy of MI6, revealed to the Daily Mail that she had been touched during a casting.

Since its appearance in Sky Fall in 2012, she was able to give a new soul to the character of Moneypenny, the indispensable and devoted spy of MI6. Actress Naomie Harris, revealed by Pirates of the Caribbean, told our English colleagues from Daily Mail that a renowned actor, whose identity she does not know, slipped his hand under her skirt during an audition for a film from the James Bond saga, without anyone on the set being moved by this gesture .

In the interview given to Daily Mail, Naomie Harris, the incarnation of this very 21st century Miss Moneypenny capable of holding onto a 007 who necessarily becomes more respectful of her spy skills, described with precision the gestures of her attacker: “This has been my only #MeToo incident and so ultimately I feel very lucky knowing just how widespread this behavior is unfortunately. This actor groped me openly in front of everyone as I read a scene from the movie, and the shocking thing is that no one intervened, neither the director nor the casting director. Even worse, they observed this in silence because, perhaps, the abuser was “A big star”.

An actor fired after an “incident #MeToo

The interview, however, ends on a note of optimism. Naomie Harris, now 45, said that the #MeToo movement in recent years has positively impacted the status of actresses in the film industry: “ Recently I was working on a shoot when inappropriate behavior, denounced by feminists, occurred. The producers’ response was immediate: the perpetrator was immediately fired.

When Naomie Harris aka Miss Moneypenny shaves James Bond in Sky Fall


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