“Nana’a” celebrates the readiness of 30 cloud stores out of 50 in the city of Riyadh

In a subsequent step to its previous qualitative launch in the field of providing food and home litigation through the application, “Nana”, the pioneer of the concept of consumer cloud stores in the Kingdom, announced the readiness of 30 “Dark store” out of 50 stores that it decided to establish in the city of Riyadh, and soon the same will be in Jeddah. As part of plans to establish 1,000 cloud stores in all regions and cities of the Kingdom.

Engineer Sami Al-Helweh, CEO of Nana, said that the near completion of the service coverage plan for the city of Riyadh is only the beginning of expansion to achieve our declared goal of reaching every neighborhood and city in the Kingdom.

Al-Helweh pointed out the integration of the strategic objectives of Nana’s expansion plan with the objectives of the Kingdom’s vision, including the anti-commercial cover-up program that targets more than 25,000 illegal groceries currently in the local markets, praising at the same time the importance of the recent government directives regulating the grocery sector.

Al-Helweh added: As pioneers in the field of buying and delivering food and home courts through the application, we do our best to be near our customers, and meet their needs within a time range of 15-30 minutes, which has made many feel the importance of the availability of cloud mint stores within their neighborhoods The new housing, and some considered it – according to Al-Helweh – as one of the exceptional advantages on the basis of which the neighborhoods are now classified.

Engineer Al-Helweh stressed his keenness to deal directly with the best local suppliers, to secure the best food options for our customers, through the best and most rapid modern technologies, out of our contribution to dedicating the principle of quality of life to our customers as one of the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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