Nama Al Munawwarah: Increasing partnerships to support and finance small and medium-sized companies

The CEO of “Namaa Al-Munawwarah” Company, Saleh Akhtar, confirmed that the Namaa system is working to expand partnerships and support the financing system with various parties to increase the contribution of small and medium-sized companies to the domestic product of the Madinah region. A model to be followed in spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and creating an attractive and stimulating environment for entrepreneurs by providing support and consulting programs in Madinah and its governorates. development in the region.

In a statement to Al-Madina, he said: The visit of the Shura Council delegation to the development of Al-Munawwarah and its development projects recently is an experience with an economic and social impact to learn about local products that were produced by Saudi hands with high quality, and expressed his aspiration to transfer the experience to new horizons to keep pace with the development wheel, and added Akhtar: The city’s development has many strategic agreements and partnerships that aim to empower and support entrepreneurs and overcome all the obstacles they face, indicating that the agreement signed with the Saudi Aramco Center for Entrepreneurship (Wa’ed) contributes to stimulating the entrepreneurship environment in light of a permanent strategic partner that supports pioneers and pioneers. Business and works to provide various financing solutions, and the agreement signed with the Heritage Authority aims to develop handicrafts and handicrafts, rehabilitate and train craftsmen and support them in financing their projects according to the available programs. To the region, to present development initiatives that serve Madinah and its governorates economically and socially, and to implement strategic partnerships with the concerned authorities With the aim of achieving economic growth and developing the value of the local product.


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