Najran is the highest in using incense from a distance of 95%

Najran ranked highest in the administrative regions in the use of incense by remote fumigation by 95%, while Asir topped in daily fumigation, by 28%, according to the Statistics Authority.

Fumigation methods

The Authority’s report indicated that there are two ways to use incense in the home: inhalation, which is done by bringing the incense closer to the nose and the face in general and directly without having a far distance such as steaming the hair and so on. As for remote fumigation, it consists of placing incense (whether maamoul or wood) on the charcoal pieces inside the designated incense burners, and placing them in different places around the house and so on. The survey showed that 11% use incense by inhalation and 89% by remote fumigation.

Statistics source

In collecting household environment survey data, the Statistics Authority relies on a household field survey, which the authority carried out for the first time in 2019, to continue its implementation on an annual basis. From the framework of the census for 2010, all households in the administrative regions in the Kingdom are represented, and an electronic form containing a number of questions is completed, and through it estimates and indicators related to providing detailed and accurate data on the domestic environment sector in order to support decision-makers; To view the environmental situation inside the home, and what needs of environmental support and awareness, to meet the needs of government agencies and the private sector for statistical data and information on the environment, and to study the environmental situation of families.


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