Nahas to “Al-Madina”: Saudization in the “carpentry” sector does not exceed 10%

The head of the carpentry sect in Makkah, Eng. Samir Muhammad Nahas, told Al-Madina that Saudization in the carpentry sector does not exceed 10% due to the lack of youth demand for the profession, noting that the number of workshops in Makkah is 562 in the industrial and Husseiniya areas, and pointed out that the high prices of timber and accessories Among the most prominent obstacles facing the sector, pointing to the existence of a court mechanism to resolve disputes between all parties, and pointed to the high competition in the market, pointing out that prices are governed by supply and demand, so to the text of the dialogue.

How did the carpentry profession originate in the Saudi era?

In the Saudi era, the so-called government workshop was established to establish wooden boxes for cars that transport livelihoods to Riyadh and who worked in it, the late Ahmed Muhammad Nahas, who became its director and established the first carpentry workshop in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. He used to choose carpenters to determine their skills and the accuracy of their mastery of carpentry work, and after his death in 1394 AH, his son Muhammad was assigned to carry out the work of the sect’s sheikh on behalf. On 11/21/1428 AH, a decision was issued by the Mayor of the Capital, Dr. Osama Al-Bar Bakhtiari, Head of the Carpenters Sect, based on the results of the elections and the approval of the Emirate of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.

How much do you estimate the number of carpentry workshops in Makkah and the most prominent locations of their presence?

The number of workshops in Makkah is 562, and most of them are in the Industrial Area and Al-Hussainiya.

Sector Obstacles

What are the main obstacles facing this vital sector?

The most prominent obstacles are the high prices of wood of all kinds and accessories imported from abroad and the strong competition of foreign factories that produce large quantities at a lower cost.

How much is the rate of Saudization in this sector in Makkah at the present time?

Saudization in the Gaza Strip is weak and does not exceed 10%, due to the lack of youth demand for it.

Graduates from secondary industrial institutes are graduated annually.. Why not use them?

More than 10 years ago, the General Organization for Vocational and Technical Training canceled the vocational institutes that taught carpentry and were providing qualification courses for those wishing to obtain qualifications in carpentry work. Graduates turn to government and military jobs because of their desire for job security and a stable income.

cult services

What are the most prominent services that you provide as the head of the sect to develop this important professional field?

Among the tasks are presenting the problems and requests of the profession’s members to the concerned officials in government departments and finding solutions to them, informing the service members of the new instructions and regulations related to the profession, ensuring compliance with the instructions regulating their work and the absence of violations during practice, ensuring the qualifications and validity of those wishing to work in the same field, and certifying the required official papers and documents. By the competent government agencies free of charge, solving problems and disputes that may occur between practitioners of the profession or with customers of citizens, giving opinions, in addition to providing advice based on experience in disputes and disputes before government agencies, presenting opinions and proposals to government agencies in order to achieve the development of work in the field of professions and submitting reports A periodical by the Secretariat (General Administration of Environmental Health) on the status and activity of the profession.

Resignation from the profession

What are the reasons for the reluctance of young people from the profession?

The failure of young people to practice the profession is due to its high effort, accuracy in achievement, and relatively poor returns compared to other professions.

Most of the carpentry shops whose paintings are mostly bearing women’s names. Do you think that this is normal or is it due to a commercial cover-up?

It is natural for the shops to have women’s names because employees are not allowed to extract commercial records in their names. As for concealment, I think that the new regulations will eliminate it, if any.

What is the nature of the relationship between the carpenters sect and the Holy Capital Municipality as the supervisory authority?

• The Capital Secretariat is the body supervising the heads of sects, and it organizes elections for this task and ensures the application of transparency in them and provides heads of professions with instructions and regulations issued in this regard.

price control

Do you have a role as the head of the sect to monitor the prices of carpentry services and to ensure that consumers, both citizens and residents, are not exploited?

Competition in the market is high and prices are controlled by supply and demand, and the consumer must shop and ask about prices before agreeing with any store.

What is your role in the event of a dispute between the professions?

In the event of a dispute between the carpenters and the employers, a letter is sent from the Ministry of Commerce or the court to the head of the sect, who he or his assistant, in the presence of the two parties, reviews the contracts and specifications of the works to be implemented and the extent of application of the terms of the contract and notes on the executed works that are required to be repaired and give the workshop a deadline to repair and stand again to make sure that Carry out the required repairs and send a report to the competent authority with the completion of it.

What is your message to Saudi youth?

I advise young people who have a passion and love for the carpentry profession or any other profession to rely on God and apply for self-employment that secures them an appropriate income, especially in light of the national transformation and the vision of the Kingdom 2030.


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