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The only Arab photographer in the Austria International Photography Contest 2021, Amani Al-Qahtani, won the first place and the gold medal, in a way that represents the Arab and Saudi society and its originality, achieving a new national achievement, and surpassing her Bahraini coach participating in the competition.

70 thousand photos

The photos participating in the Austria International Competition reached 70,000 photos, and it is one of the most important and strongest global competitions in the field of global photography, and is sponsored by the International Federation of Photography Art FIAP and the American Photographic Society PSA, and the competition was divided into 29 axes. Al-Qahtani’s winning image was represented by: the axis of man and pets, which was an Arab knight on horseback in the desert, and which represented the Arab and Saudi society and its originality.

The only Arab

Photographer Amani Al-Qahtani confirmed that she feels proud and proud to represent the Kingdom in international forums, and to raise the flag of monotheism high, noting that her winning the gold medal came after an Arab, international and international competition, and that her photo won over 70 thousand participating photos, adding that she is the only Arab photographer to win the competition. This year, it strives to achieve more achievements that are recorded in the name of the country, and will continue to challenge, and overcome obstacles with all vigor and ambition in the future.

– First place in the Austria International Photography Contest

– Al-Qahtani’s photo surpassed 70,000 participating photos

– Amani, the winning Arab photographer, Austria

– 70 thousand photos posted in Austria

– 29 axes for the global competition

– The student outperformed her coach in the competition


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