My fifties are displaced in the streets of Makkah due to updated data

The failure of his fifties to update his data caused him to be deprived of the comprehensive rehabilitation subsidy and made him homeless under the Rawda Bridge on the road to the Grand Mosque. Responds definitively.

psychiatric disturbances

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development explained to Al-Watan, after communicating with it, that through its Social Development Center in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, it was possible to reach the status of the aforementioned citizen, as the Ministry found that the citizen is in his fifth decade of life and suffers from psychological disorders and continued With his family and relatives to get some information.

Dedicated hospitals

The ministry added that it became clear from the information that the case was an inmate of one of the specialized hospitals in Taif Governorate, and he was registered in the comprehensive rehabilitation, and the aid for him stopped due to the failure to update his data for a long time.

Special procedures

The Ministry stated that it immediately directed to take a number of measures related to the case, including referring the citizen to one of the bodies to support him with the rental of housing, in addition to directing his relatives to the need to update his data to benefit from the support provided by comprehensive rehabilitation, re-request regarding his rehabilitation and benefit from the medical services in the hospital.

Updating data

The Ministry has provided subsidy programs to help those who are unable to work, produce and earn money, such as those with physical disabilities, people with special needs and mental disorders, in order to help them keep pace with society and provide them with a decent life like the rest of the people around them, and to ensure that the amount of the subsidy is constantly updated, the comprehensive qualification data must be updated at the times that Determined by the Ministry of Human Resources, where the Ministry announces the date of updating and completion.

Comprehensive qualification update method

Type blanket qualification update phrase in google search

Enter the link on the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development website.

Click on the e-services portal for social development and log in with the ID number, password and verification code.

Choose from the electronic services (Disability Assessment Service) and click on Assessment Now, then enter the service.

From the page in front of you, click Next or directly click on the medical report.

Select the preferred branch to review, then click on Add Report.

Choose the name of the region and hospital from which the report was issued, specify the date of the report in the day, month and year, then attach the report by adding a file from your device, then click Add.

Fill in the social information, guardian’s information, and contact information for emergency cases, then click Next.

Finally, click Submit the application, and a message will appear to you stating the success of the application on mobile and e-mail.


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