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This June 21, 2021, France returns to the Fête de la Musique canceled the previous year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Crédit Mutuel, a partner of musical events for 20 years, commissioned Kantar Public to conduct a survey on “The French and music” (1) while the restart of several summer festivals is also being prepared: Printemps de Bourges on 22 June, Blues around zinc in Beauvais on June 25, Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix on July 8, Francos de La Rochelle on July 10… In seven key words, a brief analysis of the relationship between the French and music.

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♦ Morale : Present in the daily life of almost all French people (94% listen to it), music played an important role during the health crisis. More than two-thirds (67%) say they have them ” helped to keep morale », Especially during the three confinements. For young people, this figure rises to 82%!

♦ Streaming : The new musical practices born from the current crisis are still very much in the minority. Only 16% of French people have followed concerts in free streaming and 4% in paid streaming. 7%, however, have started or resumed the practice of an instrument during confinement. Asked about “the most important cultural activity” of their confined life, they detail: films and series (39%), reading (21%), music (12%) and video games (6%).

♦ Party : Synonymous with social bond and joy, ” music brings people together »Underline 91% of French people. They are 81% to estimate that “ a party without music is not a party “. They talk about their tapping with their friends (59%) or their family (57%). Three quarters of French people, and even more women and young people, say that music has a strong influence on their morale and mood. Music is also used by almost one in two young people as ” way to more easily express your emotions “.

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♦ Daily life : Music punctuates the life of the French: 85% listen to it on their journeys, 74% during household chores, 67% during a moment of rest and 1 in 2 French people prepare themselves with music in the morning. For nearly 40%, music accompanies them at sport, during their work or when they receive friends at home.

♦ Styles : The French song is designated “favorite style” far ahead of the others by 60%. Older people are certainly more numerous (65% of those over 35) to favor this style, but young people are not left out: those under 35 (at 49%) and those under 25 (at 42%). ) prefer the French variety.

Pop (33%) and rock (29%), complete the podium, followed by classical (19%), disco (13%), R’n’B (12%), rap (11% ), jazz (9%), electro (9%), blues (6%), reggae (5%) and metal (4%).

♦ Habits : Music is above all an intimate experience: 82% of French people prefer listening solo. They have their musical preferences and tend to stick to them. A majority (54%) listen to ” always the same music “, When 27% favor” current trends “And 19%” vary the listening to discover “.

♦ Practice : The majority (56%) of French people believe that music is not sufficiently present in education. In fact, the practice is still very much in the minority. It only concerns 15% of French people who practice at least one of these activities: playing an instrument (8% of the population), singing (5%), dancing (4%) or working in the music industry ( less than 1%). A widely more widespread musical practice among young people, especially during their studies: a quarter of those under 25 and a fifth of those under 35 play an instrument, sing or dance regularly.


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