Music between sea and sky

Paul Lay Threesome

A piano, a double bass and a voice. And the union of the timbres and phrasing of Paul Lay, Simon Tailleu and Isabel Sörling to celebrate the first jazzy emotions in Europe. The trio in fact recalls how, on February 12, 1918 in Nantes, this genre, both popular and sophisticated, nourished by the musical culture of the end of the 19th century.e and early XXe century has begun its conquest of the Old World. This jazz that Maurice Ravel admired, asking that we “Take it seriously”… In his program entitled Deep rivers, the trio revives its lively, rhythmic and melodic sources with a communicative conviction.


Nothing can resist the virtuoso and spiritual voices, swift and refined of the singers of Apollo5! Blissfully wandering from classic works to pop, musical and – irresistibly – Christmas carols smelling cinnamon and hot chocolate, their repertoire knows no bounds. From concerts to festivals, Apollo5 seduces the public with its spontaneity and this “so British” way of presenting each piece before performing it. It is hardly surprising that such artists also devote a large part of their time to teaching and disseminating pleasure, even the intoxication of singing, at any age and in any place.


For musicians and music lovers, the German city of Leipzig is intimately, deeply linked to the figure of Johann Sebastian Bach, who was its cantor from 1723 until his death in 1750. Magnificent and impressive legacy for the Calmus Ensemble, created in the same city in 1999, in the wake of the singers of the Saint-Thomas church where the master of masters officiated. Quickly admired, loved and demanded in their country and elsewhere, the members of Calmus naturally devote their talent to Bach – of which they do not hesitate to transcribe a few instrumental pieces – while broadening their horizon to romantic or contemporary pages, when they do not go back to the sources of the Renaissance.

Nemanja Radulovic

His long hair and a form of exuberance unusual on classical stages served violinist Nemanja Radulovic as much as he did. To the point of forgetting the musical talent of the artist born in Serbia in 1985, but living in France since he was 14 years old. When, in 2006, he was called upon to replace Maxim Venguerov in the Concerto by Beethoven, Salle Pleyel in Paris, his career took off. Whoever does not shy away from media coverage – even popular television shows – or overloaded schedules, however, retains a beautiful musical integrity, whether he performs as a soloist or in chamber music, a genre he particularly likes. .

Romain Leleu Sextet

The union between a trumpet and a string quintet, unusual as it may seem, is anything but a marriage of convenience. It only takes a few bars for Romain Leleu – one of the most brilliant trumpeters of his generation – and his accomplices from the Ensemble Convergences to convince you of the merits of their meeting. For ten years and hundreds of concerts, the six artists have inventively and delicately crossed classical repertoires and popular standards, with particular attention to film music, that which illuminates Chaplin’s masterpieces. or Fellini … From baroque times to the 2000s, their vast universe is on the lookout for any new emotion within reach of bows and breath.

Celine Scheen

From the church where her father led the choir to opera stages where her flexible soprano voice works wonders, including her training as a flautist, Céline Scheen has always been immersed in music. Its scenic presence, haughty but graceful, and the subtlety of its eloquence are particularly suited to baroque pages, famous or to be rediscovered, like this Venus and Adonis by John Blow in which she played a fascinating goddess of love. René Jacobs, Philippe Herreweghe, Christophe Rousset or Christina Pluhar are not mistaken, appealing to this fresh and touching voice which bends to secular sensualities as well as to sacred aspirations.


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