Murals and exhibitions of the most prominent demands of Jazan artists

Artists and plastic artists in the Bish governorate, north of Jizan, demanded the establishment of art exhibitions and forums to present their works, stressing that they found great opportunities on social media platforms, but they are not a substitute for art exhibitions and forums, wishing for the presence of murals to highlight their work.

Historical era

The artist, Mold Al-Dahl, said that my work embodies a historical era and a national legacy of the history of the Jazan region that I lived with in all its details, which is what I embodied in my paintings, starting with the mural that embodied the history of years since the establishment of the Kingdom, where we used to live in the nests and pray in the Al-Jarid mosques to the development witnessed by the Kingdom and the transition to construction And modern buildings and services, as well as embody ancient occasions such as hunting and gathering of women in weddings, circumcision, and ancient life that depends on animals and irrigation from underground water, which perpetuates the life of past generations, a historical period and a popular heritage.

He added that social media platforms created him an audience interested in heritage from around the Arab world, due to the similarity of some details, wishing that there would be exhibitions known as this art and the history that embodied it.


The artist, Hijab Al-Buraq, indicated that he tends to paint people’s faces (portraiture), which has created an audience on communication platforms who loves his art and asks him for special works. He added that portraiture is a stand-alone art that has its own methods and tools, and the summit of beauty in existence is human beauty. If the artist is able to draw an integrated portrait, he is an able artist, and sometimes portraiture is surrealistic in which imagination or an abstract image is deeper and abstraction from the external form or as he sees and feels it the artist. He noticed the fascination of colleagues at school if he presented them with a picture of one of the teachers or colleagues, as he talked a lot about it, which made him continue to draw faces. He stated that his presence on social media has created an audience that loves this art and seeks its work, stressing that he wishes to hold art exhibitions in Bish, especially with the presence of Jizan Industrial City, which made the governorate the destination of many nationalities that used to pay attention to drawing and art paintings.

Real balance

The artist and retired art education teacher, Yahya Jandali, emphasized that the educational curriculum develops the student’s skills by relying on a set of elements, including a good teacher, the right place, the availability of tools, in addition to supporting the community, then the artist can develop this talent after discovering it.

He added, “I have been working as an art education teacher for 30 years. I graduated from many talented people in painting, sculpture, carpentry and printing. Most of them are still in touch with them and wish to have murals to highlight their work. We recently used WhatsApp groups to exchange experiences and technical information on drawing and plastic art, as it is rapidly spreading.”

Notable claims:

The presence of murals to highlight the works of the artists

Holding exhibitions and technical forums


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