“Municipality and Housing” removed more than 120 million m3 of construction waste last year

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing represented by the secretariats and municipalities managed during the past year to remove (120.871,162) m3 of construction and demolition waste and excavation products from empty lands, as part of its continuous efforts to implement the “Treating the manifestations of visual distortion” initiative, which includes the removal of violating advertising panels. writings and posters distorting the public appearance, addressing the situation of street vendors, removing umbrellas and parking lots located in empty lands within neighborhoods, and working on a plan to treat 85 qualified roads, according to the annual report issued by the Ministry on the achievements of the year 2021.

The Ministry has improved and developed a package of procedures, foremost among which is the recall of damaged cars in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, where (116,638) cars were removed during the past year, and (2,188,530) containers of hygiene were dealt with in neighborhoods in various regions of the Kingdom.

In continuation of the ongoing efforts to address the elements of visual distortion and improve the urban landscape, the Ministry removed (1,066,463) violating advertising panels, as well as removed distorted writings on the general appearance of an area of ​​(2.836,447) square meters, and addressed the situation of (58,061) violating mobile stores, as well as trimming, coordinating and planting (14,528,405) trees in the main and secondary streets, and the removal of (20,621) sites for rest houses, livestock yards, nests and camps scattered randomly in various regions of the Kingdom.

Repairs and maintenance were also carried out for children’s playgrounds in parks and public places with an area of ​​(3,393,359) square meters, removal of (78,728) canopies, hangars and illegal parking spaces inside neighborhoods, repairing public street excavations with an area of ​​(15,946.864) square meters, and repairing dilapidated sidewalks with a length of (4,011). 238 linear meters, repairing (876.018) lighting poles, in addition to fencing vacant lands located on the main axes of cities with a length of 278,606 linear metres, and repairing 148,334 building numbering boards and street names.

In its efforts, the Ministry was keen to involve civil society to develop proposals and solutions, as it carried out a survey of the urban landscape in cities to monitor defects in the treatment of visual distortion in Saudi cities, with the participation of more than 142,000 people, in addition to developing mechanisms and urban policies for the development of slums.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing called on citizens and residents to cooperate with it to achieve the goals of the initiative by reporting violators and those causing visual distortions, through the applications of private secretariats or through the unified notification number 940.


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