Municipalities: Business incubators for Saudi street vendors

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing decided to establish “business incubators” in various regions and governorates to serve street vendors with various crafts, to ensure their incubation in specific locations with full services through the municipalities and municipalities. Incubators aim to maintain consumer safety and health, create regular job opportunities for citizens, treat visual distortion, and control the activity of street vendors.

The license applicant must be a Saudi national, at least 18 years old, and not have a commercial facility license, and the license must be in accordance with the detailed activity specified by the Ministry.

The application is made through the Baladi website to obtain a license for a sales outlet or a parking lot for street vendors, with a health certificate in case the activity is related to public health and food, and an approved lease contract for the outlet or parking lot.

The establishment of incubators requires that the site meets the services and infrastructure (such as toilets, electricity, lighting, and parking) and the approval of the General Directorate of Civil Defense and the General Directorate of Traffic or the irrigated committees in the secretariats.

It is allowed to enter and exit the incubator from main and secondary streets, provided that traffic density is taken into account, the traffic impact of the site is studied, and the incubator is on a street designated for commercial use.

It is allowed to establish the municipal incubator on lands and public places such as squares, gardens, playgrounds, urban spaces and unused waterfronts, provided that they do not affect the main purpose for which these places were established and without prejudice to the regulation of the disposal of municipal real estate. Assigning the establishment and organization of municipal incubators to charitable and voluntary non-profit organizations in accordance with the necessary agreements.

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