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The launch of came in conjunction with the readers ’increasing search for a comprehensive, complete and advanced media that would allow them the knowledge and information they are looking for to meet their needs, expand their horizons and advance their thinking.

Mawtoon contributed to a large extent in achieving this knowledge and development purpose and within a short period of time became one of the most important sites in Egypt and the Arab world, which millions of readers browse on a daily basis to learn the most important new and useful information provided by the site through articles published in various sections. The goal of launching a content site is related to meeting the different and changing needs of readers, and always working to meet their inquiries and provide them with the ideas and knowledge they are looking for in order to raise the knowledge and cultural background of the community. The content publishing system is subject to a major review, whereby the site editors write and formulate information in the form of reserved articles for the specialized team to review and verify its linguistic and grammatical formulation and then publish it. The main objective of reviewing the topics is to ensure that the information is correct and accurate to the readers, to gain their confidence, maintain the great position the site has reached, and expand its spread and reach a larger area and circle of readers. The content site has been divided into 12 main sections, of which sixty-four are sub-categories. The main sections of the site are «Health and Medicine, Family, Adam and Eve, Islam Today, Arts and Cinema, Sayings and Rulings, The Ministry of Health logo, Varieties, Academic Research, Cooking, Photos section, Internet, society ». It is prominent in the sections and classifications of the service-oriented content site, where the main goal is to provide the distinctive services that readers are looking for and help them in accomplishing various matters.

Moawtoon also focuses on keeping pace with modern technology and technologies by allocating a number of sections to simulate the interests of readers and inform them of the methods of accomplishing various services on the Internet, which contributed to the acceleration of the performance of various matters and tasks. Within the framework of this; The site administration launched the Communication Companies section to detail and display all the different services and offers provided by the telecom companies to satisfy customers and facilitate their access to distinctive services that are compatible with their aspirations.

Through the Communications section, the codes for each company are displayed to complete the shipping, balance, payment, inquiry services and other matters. The section also displays the latest terrestrial internet offers for each company and the features of each package in order to help the reader choose the appropriate offer for him. The sections of the distinctive content site include the Education Department, which is concerned with presenting all educational services to readers, as well as explaining the method of writing study papers and school radio words, in addition to interpreting and explaining the rules of the Arabic language in order to contribute to the development plan of the Ministry of Education aimed at activating the distance education system .

Moatoon site owners are studying adding many important sections and classifications in the future, with the aim of covering the needs of readers and establishing the role of the media site, which is focused on serving the development goals of the country’s advancement in various fields. The content awareness plan consists in monitoring public opinion trends by allowing readers to raise their inquiries and opinions on various topics, which are studied by the site management and taken to improve the level of digital content provided and improve the vision of the ideas and media contents.

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