Mount Everest increases 86 cm

After decades of wrangling, China and Nepal finally agreed on the exact height of Mount Everest, and this agreement added to the height of the mountain, which is already the highest in the world.

The agreed height of the “world roof” at the border between China and Nepal is now 8848.86 meters, according to what was announced at a joint press conference, held Tuesday in Kathmandu. Consequently, the height of Everest increased by 86 centimeters, compared to previous measurements that were adopted by Nepal, compared to more than 4 meters relative to the measurements of China.

This difference is due to the fact that China was measuring the rocky base of the summit, and not the snow cover that is now being taken into account. Nepal had decided to conduct its own study, in this regard, following information about the possibility that the movement of tectonic plates, which led, for example, to a strong earthquake in 2015, may have affected the height of the mountain.

About 300 Nepalese specialists participated in the study, some of whom worked in the field, and others had helicopters to reach data collection stations. And last spring, Nepalese experts and climbers reached the summit of the mountain with 40 kilograms of equipment. Nepal was supposed to publish its results at the beginning of the year, but China wanted to engage in its role in this issue, after a visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal in October 2019.


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