Mother of a minor groom: his wife to see his children before my death

Social networking sites in Iraq were buzzing with the wedding of a child under 11 years old, east of Baghdad, amid a state of anger due to the spread of early marriage, and its negative effects on society.

Famous photographer Zuhair Al-Atwani, who specializes in covering weddings and funerals, broadcast the wedding of the child “Sajjad”, a resident of Al-Baladiyat area, east of Baghdad. He was born in 2010, and his mother appeared with him in the video clip along with a large number of his relatives.

The child’s mother justified her son’s marriage at this age by saying: “I wanted to marry him when he was young so that I could be happy with his children before I die, and raise them with my own hands.”

While the baby groom said: “Marriage is a beautiful thing. I am happy with marriage, and whoever does not marry his life is a loss.”

The event sheds light on the marriage of minors in Iraq, especially in light of the statistics that speak of its very high rates.

The personal status laws in Iraq provide for the registration of marriage for those who have reached the age of 15, provided that the court and the guardian agree as well. As for those who were under 15 years old, they cannot register their marriage in court, which forces the families of child spouses to wait or remain without officially registering the marriage, which doubles its repercussions and effects, especially in the event that they have children.


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