Most of the cases of disobedience and absenteeism are malicious

The Human Rights Commission called for the codification of reports of absenteeism, absconding, and disability in line with the reforms adopted by the Kingdom in the context of empowering women, and the amendments issued in this regard to many relevant laws and regulations. These cases are mostly malicious claims, indicating that containment within the family, spreading the spirit of dialogue and affection among family members, introducing them to their legal and legal rights and duties, and educating them on them are among the most prominent factors that block the way to these cases.

The commission emphasized that the family may sometimes violate the rights of girls, by notifying them of a lack of attention, or exposing them to psychological or physical pressure or harm, or their muscles, or digesting their right to inheritance, or depriving them of any of the rights guaranteed to them by Islamic law and the laws in effect, In this regard, she warned that some families and parents resort to the phenomenon of malicious absenteeism reports, especially those that are submitted to those who have reached the legal age, indicating that the girl who is absent and does not know her whereabouts, so the family has the right to report her to ensure her safety and to ensure that she is not subjected to any crime.


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