More and more spicy

Many readers tell me of their support in my crusade against the deluge of stings on TV. It reassures me to see that I am not just a hypochondriac, all alone in his corner, developing a pathological allergy falling within the scope of psychoanalysis (by the way, I have not yet seen any case of severe puncture phobia in the excellent Arte series, In therapy). That said, some of you draw my attention to a joke that, I admit, had completely escaped me: on the back of my ticket, in The cross Friday, you could see, on almost a full page, the photo of a man being stung. Spicy, right?

In any case, it’s an understatement to say that it stung you, as evidenced by these few reactions: “I admit I was shocked by this proximity. Being betrayed within the very newspaper of which you are a loyal contributor is really hard. “” We are never betrayed except by our own! ” ” Same The cross pursues you with its sadism! “ Come on… It would be nerd that the bites, in addition to making us unbearable, you and I, put the discord in a newspaper that preaches love, peace, fraternity, tolerance… You do not see me everything not even file a complaint against the management for moral harassment, high treason and aggravated sadism (although, pleadings on such a case, it makes you want…). I swear I will get over it. A few bites, and presto, we won’t talk about it anymore.


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