Morbius, Building permit, Rumba la vie … New wave of postponement for cinema releases

Although the theaters remain open, the production companies, faced with the virulence of the Omicron variant, are choosing to postpone the release of several films.

The rooms are open, with no restriction gauge, but for how long? Above all, how many people are ready to run the risk of an infection for their own sake, in a country with more than 300,000 cases of Covid per day? These are the questions that cinema professionals ask themselves. To answer this, the simplest solution, in any case the one chosen by the distributors, is to postpone the release of the films scheduled for the coming weeks.

The postponements are linked in recent days. Warner has announced a new release date for Building permit . This full-bodied comedy by Eric Fraticelli with Didier Bourdon in the lead role was to be released on Wednesday January 12, but will not finally arrive until March 9 on the screens.

Another film postponed, Morbius, the new Marvel which features Jared Leto, in the costume of Spiderman’s nemesis. Scheduled for release on January 26, the film will not be released until March 30. This feature film directed by Daniel Espinosa seems cursed. Initially scheduled for release on August 5, 2020, this is the fifth time that its arrival in theaters has been postponed.

In December, the release of Rumba life , the second feature film directed by Franck Dubosc, was postponed to August 24, 2022. The production has seen wide and bet on a summer release to avoid the torments of the virus. Gaumont also announced the postponement of the release of I love what you do former rugby player Philippe Guillard. This comedy which follows Gérard Darmon in his own role will not be released on March 30 but on May 18, 2022.

The United States not spared

In the United States too, Omicron is not sparing the film industry either. The Golden Globes ceremony scheduled for Sunday evening will be without an audience, and extremely rare, without television broadcasting.

While due to open on January 20, the Sundance Film Festival, one of the most important in world cinema, announced yesterday that it would not take place, at least in “Face-to-face”. Highly anticipated for the many previews it offers, including that of the documentary event dedicated to Kanye West this year, the festival will take place only online.


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