Mister Brain

For two weeks, La Croix L’Hebdo introduces you to Jean-Yves Duhoo’s new album. A fascinating graphic dive into the meanders and functioning of our brain. This cartoonist, well known to readers of the weekly Spirou, to which he collaborated for ten years, adores popularizing and enchanting the knowledge of his line, both clear and generous. For two years, he plunged into the world of neuroscience to come out with a deliberately synthetic and very progressive story, finding often very original metaphors to try to understand, and to make us understand, this formidable organ and still in many mysterious aspects. . Diagrams, definitions, connections, all with a lot of humor, Mister Brain, reread and prefaced by neurologist Lionel Naccache, is a very pleasant surprise that we wanted to share with you. But before starting, it is better to try to find a good map of the places. This is the theme of this first episode.


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