Minister of Finance: standardized systems for budgetary, procurement and supply chain management

The Minister of Finance, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan, said that the cabinet’s decision to transform the Systems Agency at the Ministry of Finance into an independent center under the name of the National Center for Government Resource Systems will achieve many positive effects on the national economy through unified systems for budget management, procurement and supply chains. Al-Jadaan stated in a press statement that the center will work to raise the quality of services to beneficiaries, enhance innovation and use modern technologies, support small and medium enterprises and local content, increase competitiveness and provide opportunities, improve beneficiaries ’experience and measure performance indicators, in addition to standardizing procedures and integration among beneficiaries. He explained that the center will provide solutions and services to manage government resources through unified and integrated systems that include budget management, procurement and supply chains, financial management, human resources, payments and revenue collection, and will also work to enhance transparency, fight corruption, improve productivity and efficiency of operation and spending, and provide products and services. Digital, in addition to building data and business intelligence capabilities.

It is reported that the center’s services target government agencies, the private sector, government employees, and financial institutions, and it will also provide a number of solutions through integrated systems such as the (Etimad) platform, the electronic (Tahseel) system, the financial rights system (Saraf), the unified system for government resources, The general budget system, the national financial system, the treasury and public debt system, reporting and indicators services, and others.

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