Milk and spinach are the secret to longevity

The oldest living woman in the world announced that eating milk and spinach allowed her to live to 128 years.

Joanna Mazipuka, 128, lives in the Republic of South Africa, and is sure that her milk and spinach aplenty is the secret to her longevity.

On May 11, Joanna Mazipuka celebrated her 128th birthday and says that she was born on a corn farm and is the oldest in a family of 12 children. Three of her siblings are still alive.

“Our life on the corn farm was good, beautiful, and problem-free,” she says of her childhood.

According to her, her diet in her childhood and during her growth consisted of fresh milk and spinach. This is precisely what has allowed her to survive so far.

“Now I eat modern foods, I’m used to it, but I miss the food I grew up with,” she says.

And the woman became hard of hearing, but she managed to preserve her sight. And move with the help of a crutch only.

For her birthday, the authorities of Matlusani, where she lives, gave her a sofa. It is currently the oldest person in the world.

“We’ve been checking and are continuing to do that to determine who is the oldest person in the world,” says James Tsolilla, the city’s mayor. But we did not find anyone who is greater than her. According to her personal identity, she is the oldest man on earth. Therefore, we will work to include it in the Guinness Book of Records, as the oldest person in the world.”


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