Mike Nichols, the palm of the style

A biography of the director of the “Laureate”, who died in 2014, recalls the humor and elegance of this Jewish immigrant born in Berlin in 1931.

“What do you do when a woman pushes you away?” – “What do you mean?”

And this is how Robert Redford missed the role of Benjamin Braddock in The winner . We can guess that Dustin Hoffman’s response to Mike Nichols was less flamboyant. If he had written his Memoirs, the director would have called them The Bad Jew. Instead, journalist Mark Harris traces the life of born Michael Igor Peschkowsky in Berlin in 1931 in Mike Nichols A Life (Penguin Press), to be translated urgently. The kid, who only learned two sentences of English (“I do not speak English” and “Please don’t kiss me”) flees Europe to join his father in New York. He discovered Rice Crispies and Coca-Cola. “We had never had food that made noise.” As a child, an allergy to a vaccine caused her to lose her hair. He will wear a wig all the time. “It takes me three hours every morning to become Mike Nichols.”

After doing a lot of odd jobs,

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