Microbus Egypt controversy resolved: What fell from the top of the bridge was a car cover

A security source in Egypt has resolved the incident of the mystery of the fall of a microbus from the top of the Coast Bridge in Cairo Governorate, which has occupied public opinion since last Sunday, and a statement by the Ministry of Interior confirmed today, that there is no microbus or victims, and that what was monitored was a car cover, and traces of damage. Because of tiktok.

The interior resolves the controversy

The statement stated: A security source stated that on the 10th of this month, a citizen was informed by the security services of the Giza Security Directorate that he learned from others that they had seen something fall from the top of the Coast Bridge, in the Imbaba Police Department, and they did not verify it, “suggesting that it was a microbus.”

And the relevant security services, supported by all the necessary equipment for river rescue operations, moved, as the forces combed the vicinity of the place of communication, and intensified careful search operations in the Nile River, and no traces of missing persons or a “microbus” were found, and only a “large-sized car cover” was found. » The Nile River.

By completing the search and investigation work and collecting information, by interviewing many eyewitnesses, and examining the parking lots of “microbus” taxis, which pass through the place of the communication as its itinerary, no missing cars were found, in addition to the fact that the security services did not receive any reports, indicating the absence of Citizens or the loss of a microbus taxi on the same day to date, noting that an eyewitness, a “fisherman,” pointed out that what fell from the top of the bridge was a “car cover.”

In order to be more certain, an experiment was conducted, by throwing the same cover from the top of the bridge, and it was captured by the camera, which was previously indicated to have recorded the moment the car fell, and it was found that the two scenes match.

By intensifying the search efforts, it was found that the bridge wall, in the place of the aforementioned communication, had previously been hit by a transport vehicle, which led to its crack, and at a later time one of the “tuk-tuk” vehicles hit it with the same part of the fence, which led to its fall due to its weakness, as was possible for the team Find identification of the owner of a tuk-tuk vehicle.

After legalizing the procedures, he was arrested, and when confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and indicated that after that, he removed the tuk-tuk from the scene of the accident, due to severe damage to it, and legal measures were taken.


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