MEPs vote to ban the rental of “thermal strainers” in 2028

The deputies validated, Sunday March 14, in committee, the ban on the rental of housing “Thermal strainers” in 2028, as provided for by the climate bill.

One year after the promulgation of this law, it will be prohibited, when renewing a lease or re-letting, to increase the rent of these homes classified F and G in energy performance, estimated at 5 million in France. From 2028, they will no longer be classified ” Decent housing “ and will therefore be prohibited for rental.

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So, “We cannot consider a thermal strainer as decent”, underlined in front of the deputies the Minister for Housing Emmanuelle Wargon. She believes that the first stage of the rent freeze should have been used to “Owner awareness”.

“The Law” this criterion of decency and successive governments will not be able to vary it, she opposed to LR deputies who considered that a decree was sufficient.

Support measures for owners

Both the right and the left have demanded strong support measures for the owners, not always well-off, who must do work, the minister having promised announcements when the bill is passed in the hemicycle at the end of March.

In Picardy, the battle against thermal strainers

Reserved as to the effectiveness of the measure, the former socialist minister of ecology, Delphine Batho, as well as the rebellious Danièle Obono, considered that if it came back to the tenants “Often precarious, to assert their rights” in court in the event of energy-intensive housing, it was not a real ban on rental.

A handful of “walkers” have unsuccessfully demanded that rural areas be excluded from the supervision of rents in 2023. Conversely, but without further success, the Socialists demanded a 10% drop in rents for these homes, thereby following a recommendation from the Abbé-Pierre Foundation.


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