Memories of Ramadan from the oldest sheikhs of Jizan

Despite the harshness of life and the scarcity of resources and capabilities in the past, one of the elderly in Al-Darb governorate, and the oldest Sheikh Shamal in the Jazan region, remembers how they used to live and spend their fasts in the past during the immigration of “Atoud”, and how their lives have changed with the comfort of living and development in the present time.

Hard fasting

The sheikh of Atoud, Ahmed Sharafi, explained in his talk about Ramadan: In the past, we used to suffer a difficult fast, as years passed by us with burrows and dust, and we spent our whole day under the flame of the sun in grazing, and other things, and we were suffering from extreme thirst, to the point of We were extremely stressed, and it was blowing dust on us so intense that women could not ignite the approval (enlightenment) from the strength and intensity of the dust, and even the permissible lamb and sheep were cut off milk, because there were no pastures and the burrow of the dry land, and several years of Ramadan passed and we fasted them without Electricity, and as for breakfast, it was very simple, just coffee and khameer bread only. We did not know rice and flour in the past. As for the evening of Ramadan, we spend it after finishing the prayers hanging out among us or in some popular games such as the game of “sari”, and other things. The old games in our era, and despite all these circumstances and hardship that we lived with our fathers and grandfathers at that time, our life was beautiful and simple despite its difficulties.

Historical shifts

“My honor” said: “Atoud” went through three historical transformations, from the Badia to the modern era, beginning with the authentic old village of Atoud, the ancient fortress that existed from the Idrisid era, and its origin with Sayyid Muhammad Ali Sharafi, and it was the content of all the villages of Atoud (the coast And Bayadh and Manchaba), and other scattered villages, and the main site for the emergence of the sheikhdom over the tribes, and the names of the sheikhs passed generation after generation, some of whom died and some of them from illness, until I was installed as an elder during the reign of King Saud then and until now. I spent more than 66 years in it, and I am still the oldest sheikh in the Jizan region, and after that we moved to a site called “Afum”, which is the second phase of “Atoud” in which the old emirate is located, and we lived in that site until we were attacked by torrents. We did not know it for decades, and we were abandoned from that site, and the ruins of its buildings still remain in it until now, and after that the third phase began after we moved to the site of the modern metropolis of Atoud.


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