Megan shares Prince Philip’s condolences with a message

Despite the deterioration of relations, Megan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, performed her duty at the funeral of the late Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, as close to her said.

Although Markle did not attend the funeral, which took place on Saturday because of her pregnancy, she insisted on participating in some form.

A close friend of Meghan said, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, that she “did her duty” by sending a condolence card she wrote in her handwriting, in addition to a wreath.

Journalist Omid Scobey, Megan’s friend, reported that she sent the message and the wreath to St George’s Church in Windsor, Britain, where Prince Philip’s funeral took place.

Doctors had prevented the Duchess of Sussex from accompanying her husband to attend the funeral, because she was in the sixth month of pregnancy in the second child of the British prince.

Doctors said that the 10-hour plane flight was dangerous to the health of the fetus.

Because of this, Megan Markle was satisfied with watching the funeral on television at her home in California, USA.

“Everyone will be pleased with what the royals did during the funeral, even those who were unable to attend,” Scobey said.

He continued, “Of course, the Duchess of Sussex was fully represented at the funeral.”

Megan and her husband, Prince Harry, dawned a crisis weeks ago, after they revealed to the public their sharp differences on the one hand and the rest of the British royal family.


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