Meeting of the Board of Directors of King Abdulaziz Public Library at Beijing University

The Board of Directors of the King Abdulaziz Public Library branch at Peking University held its fourth meeting yesterday, remotely via the network «On-line», with the participation of library officials in the main center in Riyadh, and the Beijing University branch in the People’s Republic of China.

The Chairman of the Council, Professor Faisal bin Muammar, praised the handling of the branch and Peking University by taking the necessary measures to prevent the Corona pandemic, and urged more efforts that would contribute to the development of cultural and scientific relations between the Kingdom and China.

The Council approved the cultural and scientific activities program for the year 2021, which included strengthening the building of information sources, developing information services in an innovative way, resuming cultural activities with the application of epidemic prevention and control measures, and organizing cultural exchange projects via the Internet “Presenting Chinese-Arab culture” with a focus on cultural topics Different as “Saudi Arabia dates”, “Chinese Arab food culture”, “Saudi cultural relics”, “horse”, “camel” and others, and motivate and organize students to do the translation between the Chinese and Arabic languages, and introduce the ancient historical civilization, And the social culture of the Chinese nation and the Arab world, in the form of images and texts, and enhancing the mutual civilizational communication between China and Saudi Arabia, through cultural communication.

The council also approved continuing to promote translation between the Chinese and Arab cultures, and doing distinguished work in translating and publishing the “Kingdom Encyclopedia Summary” of the Chinese language and reviewing the translation in a comprehensive manner.

The council decided to launch a new website for the King Abdulaziz Public Library branch at Peking University, further improve website services and design, and enhance the promotion of the branch’s business and cultural communication.

It is noteworthy that the third session of the Council was held at the library headquarters in Riyadh on the sixth of last January, where the meeting discussed the plans and programs of the knowledge library and its cultural projects aimed at strengthening relations between the Arab and Chinese cultures, and activating cultural and scientific cooperation between the library and Beijing University.


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