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The Media Club of the Media Department at the College of Social Sciences at Umm Al-Qura University implemented an application course on “Advantages of Video Journalism”, in the presence of the Supervisor of Cultural Activities, Assistant Professor of the Media Department, Dr. Faisal Al-Shumairi, and a number of academics, researchers, students and those interested in the media field, who emphasized the importance of keeping pace with technology, making use of it and harnessing it. In the transmission of news and press reports through these means, which greatly contributed to the spread of information in various ways and in short times of time. He added: “Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of these modern technologies and applications and work on them continuously to highlight the journalistic work in a distinctive way,” noting that the Media Club in the Media Department aims to mix experiences and experiences with practical material and allow students to present them to their colleagues through a number of modern platforms, in order to Support and qualify them for the labor market during the coming period.

For his part, the presenter of the course, a master’s researcher in the Department of Media, colleague Ahmed Al-Juhani, confirmed that the program consists of two theoretical and practical parts through which many important advantages of video journalism were presented with the introduction of an application that contributes to the production of the news story in a variety of templates and of high quality, indicating that video journalism does not differ In its principles and values ​​on the rest of the journalistic work in all other means, the ethics of the profession must be strictly adhered to during the journalistic practices on all the sites in which the work takes place.

He added that video journalism has become the first digital compass for all various media outlets spread across social media platforms, so working on it, developing it and keeping pace with it is an important aspect during the next stage.


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