Meatless canteens in Lyon: “We demonize the Greens, it’s a habit”

An ideological decision “,” a policy that excludes the popular classes “. Since Sunday, Grégory Doucet has whistling ears. Members of the majority, right-wing and far-right elected officials are indeed attacking the mayor (EELV) of Lyon because he has decided to introduce meals without meat – but with eggs and fish – in the school canteens in his town. Why this choice ? To respond to a health protocol that he describes as ” tighter “. Weren’t there other solutions? What is behind this controversy which seems less nutritional than political? Grégory Doucet explains himself.

Vinciane Despret, philosopher: “We must think about political relations with animals”

Why did you choose to exclude meat from meals served in school canteens in your city?

For a simple reason: it is a question of respecting as well as possible the new sanitary protocol which applies in the canteens and which is more rigorous, tighter than the previous one. This protocol requires to leave a space of two meters between the children [au lieu d’un mètre]. As the buildings accommodate, mathematically, fewer children, it is therefore necessary to increase the number of services. And since it is not possible to extend the lunch break to infinity, we have chosen to simplify the system and make it more efficient. Other municipalities have opted for picnics, we have opted for a warm and friendly meal. Dining at the table is about living together

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